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The coming election forces many to think of the values they believe are the bedrock of America. Some fear those values are in danger of slipping away. Culture wars ask citizens to think one way or another.

In the largest study of its kind, earlier this year we investigated the issues that matter most to Americans…and especially to those of faith … and they gave us 13 of them. They included everything from news bias to immigration policies, law and order to election integrity. From those “vital signs,” we did a deep dive investigation where we identified what the worldviews are, and, more importantly, what God has to say about them.

This life and death question divides many even in the Christian community. Is God really strident on whether a woman has the right to choose, or does He allow circumstances to control?

America’s currency still says “In God We Trust.” But do we? Although Scripture is not a textbook on economics, God has much to say about individual responsibility.

The Constitution provides for the peaceful transfer of power. A government that works well is made of people of integrity. God blesses the nation whose God is the Lord.

Just that title raises the hackles on many American necks, but the government has set up specific programs for certain individuals. How Biblical is that?

A big issue today is replacing capitalism with socialism. Is a capitalistic society worth contending for? How does God feel about spending, debt, individual and government responsibility?

Who is responsible for the health of an individual…the health of a nation? Can God’s mandate to the church to care for the sick and needy translate to a mandate for government?

Nations and national boundaries are God’s idea. What does He have to reveal about how to deal with “strangers and sojourners” and what responsibilities do they have?

Establishment of laws and obedience to them are God’s ideas. But whether the laws should keep up with society, or society should bend to the law is a question being played out on American streets today.

God often chose the most unlikely persons to lead His people. In assessing the qualities of a good leader, where does He put His focus?

In today’s culture when many are “doing what is right in their own eyes,” marriage and the nuclear family have been threatened. Since marital ties are an Earthly picture of God’s and Jesus’ relationship to us, its sanctity must be protected and revered.

It is a Constitutional requirement that Americans be protected from those who would do harm. Providing for the common defense and the setting up of armies is a Biblical concept.

What does freedom of the press really include? Have ethical standards disappeared from journalism? God’s Word always pushes for truth, and truth is essential for trust.

Perhaps no other freedom enshrined in the Bill of Rights is under more attack . Should American—and Christian—heritage receive government protection?

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